This peculiar and extraordinary landscape is next to the mouth of the Chillón River.

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The Temple of Chuquitanta

El Paraíso' (Paradise)

A few kilometres from the mouth of the Chillón River near Lima, we find the extraordinary landscape of the Temple of Chuquitanta which is also known as 'El Paraíso'; a site which dates back to the year 1500 BC and seems like a strange lunar landscape of adobe and stone. It was discovered relatively recently by the archaeologist Frederic Engel in 1965 and it's meant to be one of the oldest sites in Peru, belonging to a lost civilization which possibly farmed and fished for a living and carried out holy rituals with burnt-offerings for their gods. 'El Paraíso' has been excavated down to finding its ceremonial pyramid and surrounding buildings, adding up to 50 hectares of this ancestral nation. It's believed that 'Chuquitanta' was a religious and administrative centre with a complex organization and pleasant life beside the sea.

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