Having gone all over the city, the icing on the cake is Anchor Bankside. A historic restaurant that offers different and attractive options.

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Anchor Bankside

The king of the city.

After seeing the city, surely it's a good time to go down to Southwark and eat something, watching the south side of the financial district after having seen it from the inside. When you walk along Park St., you'll bump into Anchor Bankside; a restaurant which is located in an eye-catching building due to its mix of bricks, red wood and history since it's features have been kept intact since the 17th century. It's a good stop as it offers several options. You can eat in the ground floor bar which is in the style of an old tavern with its mixture of bricks, wood and thick rugs, where you can drink a few pints accompanied by several kinds of plates which are mostly and marvellously traditional. You can also sit down and order the classic fish & chips either inside the pub or in the terrace outside. Nevertheless, there's an attractive third option, and this is to go up to the first floor to enter the restaurant, where you'll find a traditional menu that's well known for its fish. Don't hesitate to sit out in the small upper terrace which looks onto the river with its incredible view of the south facade of the city, since this is the nicest way to end a visit to the financial district.

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