London loves Asian cuisine. You'll find many of these restaurants, they're almost everywhere! It's inexcusable if you don't try it.

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Asian food in London

The most popular and cosmopolitan.

Although it's a bit strange in this city, Asian meals are very popular. But this isn't surprising since they are usually the symbol of a cosmopolitan city in Europe. You'll find Chinese, Hindu, Thai or Turkish restaurants in almost any part of the centre, from Camden to Southwark, but it's in Soho where the busiest and most reputable places are situated together. You only have to walk around the area to see for yourself. In fact, a very practical and common way is to take advantage of an excursion in order to get to know the area and to go trying different places, which usually offer you takeaway containers that allow you to eat while you walk. But if you prefer to sit for lunch or dine peacefully, there are more than enough restaurants for you to try, such as the Golden Dragon in the small Chinatown of Soho or Zuma, the Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge. Depending on where you are and what you feel like, the best options to try Hindu cuisine are near the area of Brick Lane or Stoke Newington for Turkish cuisine. It might work in your favour if you improvise since you'll come across a variety of different places when you are going through the streets.

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