Who was going to tell the Duke of Buckingham that his residence would end up being the centre of royal administration?

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Buckingham Palace

The most royal building.

This is the symbol of the British Monarchy. Although, at the time, when the Duke of Buckingham's residency was being built, he couldn't imagine that it would become the palace which we know today. It was after his death when his son sold it to King George III in 1762. Around seventy years later, the heir to the building was George IV who decided to convert it into a royal palace with a neo-classical French style and added two more wings to form the shape with an open patio, which we know nowadays. Even so, the official residence was still St. James's Palace until the arrival of Queen Victoria who moved the family to Buckingham Palace Gardens. Since then, the building has converted into the important centre of all matters carried out by the royalty, from ceremonies to international summits. For some years now, it has been possible to visit the inside of the palace. Once inside, you can examine its rooms which are full of historic, artistic decorations and elements which the west wing accommodates. And at certain times, you may also see the Royal Collection or popularly known as the Crown Jewels which curiously and contrarily don't belong to the Royal Family but to the country, the same as the Palace itself and Windsor Castle.

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