The most alternative rock is played here. Get to know the most rebellious and rule breaking side of the city. It's worth it.

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Camden Town

An unconventional environment.

Only suitable for the rebellious. This district to the north west of central London has become home to the current underground in the capital of a country in which have emerged the main artistic streams of recent times. Although its origin goes back to the 18th century when it was still an agricultural field and a few buildings spread around the place, it was from the decade of 1970 when it started to transform into a real centre of alternative culture with rock music mostly overshadowing anything else. Due to the countless night clubs that rule the night here, practically all national groups and artists of the last four decades have performed and done all-nighters in this area. Recent stars such as Amy Winehouse grew up around these streets and died in a flat of this district. But the Camden attraction isn't limited to music, you'll see art emerge in this place simply from the twenty four hours of to-ing and fro-ing of people that gets you hooked, or the eye-catching colours of the buildings which shape Camden, hosting music and television studios like the ones on MTV or in art galleries. It is an obligatory stop for you to see the most transgressive side of this country with you own eyes; the rest is neat and formal.

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