You'll surely go through the centrally situated Covent Garden at some time. An ideal stop to taste different and exotic foods.

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Covent Garden

A fusion of cultures.

Of all the areas that you visit in the city, it's almost impossible not to go through the centrally situated Covent Garden which is one of the busiest and liveliest streets of London. It's the perfect place to stop a little and have lunch, if you're planning to walk around all day. As it's a city which has welcomed a multitude of people from different parts of the globe, you can be sure that it has good samples of food from various places in the world. And the thing is, apart from its pubs and clubs, this area is characterized by its various exotic food restaurants. You'll find famous Indian restaurants here such as the Livebait on Wellington St. or the Takari on Drury Lane; get acquainted with Australian cuisine at the Walkabout on Henrietta St. or if you want something a bit nearer, the Stranded in London offers you an extensive menu of European food. Even if you're not keen on meat, you have a variety of vegetarian restaurants like Food for Thought on Neal St. which is one of the most popular places of its kind. There are also places to eat which serve typical English food, although they're not as eye-catching, as this street shines due to its blend of cultures.

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