A world-famous dish that you'll only truly be able to taste here: the Golden Hind...and it's an excellent choice to do just that.

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Fish & Chips

Extremely typical.

If you still don't know it, you can't leave the city without trying the UK's most typical dish. This battered fish with chips seems very simple at first sight but it’s a really popular combination for many people around the globe. Since the first restaurant to specialize in this food was opened in 1860, hundreds of others then proceeded to open up too, making fish and chips synonymous with the capital. By walking around the streets, you can buy take away fish and chips from mobile kiosks that you'll come across or even in luxurious restaurants where they painstakingly prepare your dish to the maximum by varying the choice of fish, which is usually cod or pollack and the typical batter which is made with milk or beer. If you have ordered a takeaway, they have probably served it to you in some strange-looking paper which appears to be a newspaper. Well, up until recently, real newspaper was used to wrap this food which is traditionally consumed by the working class. By Bond Street, you'll see a simple and intimate restaurant named Golden Hind. If you can go, it's the perfect place to try the most traditional preparation of this dish which they have served since 1941, or at the terrace of Rock & Sole Plaice on 47 Endell Street, since 1871.

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