Fly over London in a helicopter

A unique experience… do you dare? You'll never forget what London looks like from the sky…

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Fly over London in a helicopter

Only for the brave!

You will need two things: audacity and not to be afraid of heights. If you have both, this different way of seeing London can be one of the most stunning and surprising experiences that you'll have throughout your visit. This luxury is a bit expensive, but it's worth it and anyone who has done it will tell you the same. It's perfect for when you think that you have seen all the interesting monuments and places in the city. Far from the classic tours in a bus or the cruises on the River Thames, flying over the city gives you an indescribable panoramic view of all the monuments, gardens and streets of London. From the airfield at Elstree or Redhill, to the north of the city, several helicopters leave on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays to follow the course of the river and go through the capital at around 300 metres up in the air. The trip, which lasts between half an hour and forty minutes, spans both the centre and the outskirts, covering all possible views this way in London’s skies.

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