If you're looking for a green space which isn't so touristic, you have found it. Views of the city, native fauna, ponds for you to cool down...

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Hampstead Heath & Parliament Hill

Different perspectives.

This is a park where Londoners go rather than tourists. It's a place where you can see the city without being absorbed by it. From its privileged position on one of the highest hills of north London, Parliament Hill offers a view of the capital which, after having seen parts of the city, lets you see the city as a whole. The park next to it, Hampstead Heath, is part of the hill with an extension of 320 hectares of countryside, forest areas and lakes in which you might actually want to get lost in. This place is such a contrast to the city that, when you walk around here, it's not difficult to come across a deer, a rabbit or even a tortoise if you approach one of its 25 ponds, as you are at the area's refuge for autochthonous fauna. It even has a small zoo in one of its many corners. But apart from its animal life, there is also a place for you to loosen up since there are ponds which you are able to bathe in as well as several sports facilities. Throughout your walk, you may also bump into old bridges or structures such as Kenwood House, since the countryside was a private estate that belonged to English nobles years ago, before it was converted to public land, over time.

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