A tempting suggestion for your visit to Hyde Park. Horses and ponies are waiting for you at London's most famous stables.

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Hyde Park Stables

Giddy up horse, giddy up!

As well as being the biggest and the most pleasant green zone in this city, Hyde Park keeps an uncommon activity in its grounds but one which you can easily relate to English culture: equestrian sports. The country has a long equestrian tradition, from its use as a means of transport and hunting throughout the Middle Ages, even equestrian sports, such as riding or polo, brought from Asia. Nowadays, when you go to Hyde Park, the idea of going to the stables and mounting one of the horses or ponies is incredibly tempting after walking by the enormous central lake, and passing a group of riders. Don't be embarrassed, all you have to do is go and ask any of the staff in the area, since even if it's not a very well-known attraction, the stables in the park offer good classes and tours. Although you don't have experience, you can try, regardless of your age to take a class and tour the park on your own or in a group with an instructor. These stables run the whole year round and are one of the most pleasant and loveliest ways of exploring this huge park.

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