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London Duck Tours

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In 1944, the famous landing in Normandy of the Second World War took place in which they introduced the first and not so famous amphibious DUCK vehicles. More than half a century later, these vehicles have been modified and reused in order to offer you an extraordinary journey in the centre of London. But don't let their origin of war put you off these ducks, as the 75 minute route they cover has the intention of being a dynamic and fun alternative to the classic touristic buses. It's really aimed at families and young children and has several routes to choose from. After leaving the London Eye, a trip around the most characteristic areas and buildings of the city is waiting for you. This trip is full of stories and fun narrations of which are not always true but they do add a little more colour to the views. But the main dish doesn't come until the end, in which this enormous vehicle plunges you into the water without any notice at one end of the River Thames, completing the trip which is a cruise of around half an hour where you can see the city from another perspective; an exciting way to finish a totally different experience.

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