The English adore it. It's no surprise as its options are infinite: walks, plant life, lakes, sports, zoo and aquarium…

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Regent's Park

A scent of roses.

Situated at the north east of Westminster, along the edge of the borough of Camden, Regent's Park makes up one of the most beautiful and most loved parks in the city. In the same way as the other parks, it started as a private estate of the high society, who were the Dukes of Portland in this case and then on to Henry VIII afterwards. It was opened to the public during the 19th century. Today, in this large green area, there are two zones. The south, where Queen Mary's Gardens are located; the perfect place for a walk and to admire the well looked after plant life of the gardens, making up around 400 varieties of roses. There is also a boating lake which is a man-made lake of 9 hectares where one can stop to observe the wildlife, take a walk or even practice rowing. And the north, where there's a large extension of grass prepared for all kinds of outdoor sports from rugby or hockey to tennis or athletics; a real danger for sports lovers as you can spend the entire afternoon, almost without noticing as you practice or watch. Finally, at the north edge, we have a must-see for the animal lovers: London Zoo, the second oldest zoo in Europe which opened in 1828 and exhibits the first aquarium of the continent.

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