English tradition comes first here, from the decoration to its food menus or native wines and beers.

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St. John's Tavern

One hundred per cent British.

This is one of the places which Londoners prefer. Decorated completely with the sobriety and elegance which characterizes the English, this bar is an ideal place to get closer to feeling a little of the United Kingdom's classic environment. You have two options: to be seated while you eat, in which case you'll find it hard to decide throughout the menu as there's no dish that doesn't form part of the country's strict culinary tradition or, to try something more characteristic like tasting an extensive, native collection of wines and beers accompanied by various portions which is not so filling as the dishes, but just as traditional. If you choose the second option, don't stop trying the other beers, each one is different and you'll possibly find various names that you will want to remember. In any case, you can be sure that everything you order, will make up the products that they grow, cultivate or fish in the area since this place is one of many which are in charge of strictly conserving the tradition, from the bread which they bake in the same place, to the bottles that the owners bring back from their trips. After lunch, don't forget to go for a short walk up to Parliament Hill in order to help your digestion and look at the views over the city from there.

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