Surrounding Areas of London

London isn't only asphalt. Its surrounding areas are just as magic. Oxford, Bath, Salisbury…

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Surrounding Areas of London

Rural Tourism.

At some point, it's possible that your body asks you for less asphalt and a little more of the countryside. To do this, you have a wide range of possibilities to leave the city, whether it be via planned touristic routes or, if you prefer, from the train or bus stations, you can organize the excursions that most interest you. One of the most attractive excursions is without doubt, a visit to Stonehenge; the large, mysterious, megalithic and prehistoric monument. At 100 kilometres from the capital, this mythical structure of circular stone takes up a space near the city of Salisbury from a time which is arguably 2500 BC. It is still not known for certain why it was built and it possibly had religious and astronomical purposes. From here, you can go on to see the small cities nearby which are worth a walk, like Amesbury, the previously mentioned Salisbury, whose cathedral is a gothic masterpiece. You may also make the most of a visit to the university city of Oxford, a cradle for great authors and thinkers of this country; an entire academic authority of which its streets and buildings form beautiful, architectural harmony.

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