In other times, it used to welcome you to the city.

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Temple Bar

A Historic Arch.

The history of this arch is the history of the City of London. It is considered to be at the end of the Middle Ages when it took up a place on Fleet Street and it used to serve as an entrance to the city. Although it was initially made of wood, King Charles II had it reconstructed into stone after the fire of 1666. Later, at the beginning of the 19th century, the other entrances were destroyed but Temple Bar remained for some years later until 1878, when it was dismantled stone by stone due to the inconvenience it had on the city's traffic. Curiously, it was then when Sir Henry Meux, a member of the British aristocracy, bought it and took it to his house at Theobalds Park. The gateway was forgotten there for 120 years until the Temple Bar Trust retrieved, restored and subsequently re-located it to its new location at Paternoster Square, near St. Paul's Cathedral, in 2003. However, as it was moved from its original place on Fleet Street, a statue was built in memory of the gateway which is known as the "Temple Bar Memorial", including figures of Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales, crowned by a griffin, which is the animal that represents the city.

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