It's something more than a simple museum. You'll experience close, chilling encounters related to the war will raise your awareness…

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The Imperial War Museum

A before and an after.

The conflicts of war are without doubt, one of the most important factors in how the history of Europe was shaped, and Great Britain had fought in many of these conflicts. A visit to the War Museum won't leave you feeling indifferent as its objective doesn't only focus on the exhibition; it also raises awareness of the war's motives and, most of all, the impact and consequences which it had on humanity. This museum opened in 1920 after the First World War and has been growing and dividing itself into various buildings which are spread over the country, such as the Churchill Museum or the Imperial War Museum Duxford. At the main building in London, you can find a multitude of testimonies, especially from the First World War, including cinematographic material and official or personal documents which help to understand how people felt as they lived during the war, in an intimate and direct way. In this sense, the recreation of trenches and other settings stand out and offer a very real and raw image of the experience that the soldiers had. The Children's War Exhibition deserves a separate mention. If you decide to visit this museum, it'll be one of those experiences when you don’t leave as the same person.

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