Only the Louvre exceeds its collection. Your eyes won't be able to take in so much art in the same place…

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The National Gallery

A stunning amount of 2300 paintings.

In 1824, the British State bought a collection of 38 pictorial works from John Julius Argenstein. Throughout approximately 190 years, the collection has grown up to the figure of 2,300 paintings which form the United Kingdom's National Gallery. It is superseded only by the Louvre Museum in Paris, according to experts. Don't be fooled by the small size of this building, it might well be the most important exhibition in the world. There's also an interesting aspect that isn't usually overlooked and that's the complete absence of decoration that dominates the galleries, except for the paintings on exhibition. Once inside, your eyes will only be able to focus on the images which the artistic history of continental Europe has left between the years of 1250 to 1900, and all pictorial styles from the Renaissance of Raphael to the Post-Impressionism of Van Gogh. As the museum is State property, the entrance to the gallery is free of charge. We recommend that you complete the visit and link it with a walk around Trafalgar Square, where by the way, you'll find a building which is the third location of the museum due to an increase in its collection.

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