The Natural History Museum

The preserved and life-size blue whale which dominates the ceiling of the main hall is stunning. It’s needless to say anything else.

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The Natural History Museum

Pay attention children, you're going to like this!

You'll come across the Natural History Museum as you walk along Exhibition Road, near Hyde Park. It was built in 1880 to house a good part of the plant, fossil and skeleton collection of a packed British Museum. It was twenty years later, however, when it took over the Geological Museum to form the Natural History Museum. You won't be able to see everything inside since it contains nothing less than 70 million objects, remains and specimens, which make up a real visual map of the evolution of life in the whole planet. As soon as you enter, you'll be impressed by the enormous and careful architecture of the building, but that's not all, you still have an evolutionary journey ahead that starts from the beginning of time. Its galleries comprise amazing exhibitions of mineralogy, botany, paleontology and zoology with real skeletons and recreations of various dinosaurs, as well as a multitude of preserved animals that we know about such as the life-size blue whale which hangs from the ceiling, in the main hall. Furthermore, the museum has interactive recreation that explains the formation of earthquakes and volcanoes in the world. It is an essential place to visit, whether you're a nature lover or if you're just curious. By the way, it's a very entertaining place for the little ones!

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