Booooo! Don't be afraid! These black ravens actually protect the castle and its kingdom.

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The Tower of London

A dark past.

You'll be overwhelmed by a sense of fear here, but don't worry, it's justified as you are in front of one of the buildings with the scariest history in the city. The walls of this fortification have had various uses since the White Tower was built in 1078. Initially founded as a royal residence, it has served as an armoury, royal mint, treasury, menagerie and, what it has been most characterized by - a prison. Since the year 1100, the tower has served to imprison and execute monarchy and prisoners of war. This has given this castle the darkest symbol of the British Royalty, and this is something that you notice around the building’s interior. It's well worth you're while to enter this fortified enclosure to take a look at the famous Crown Jewels which are kept inside, as well as the White Tower or the castle. On your way through the gardens, you'll see quite a few ravens. Don't fret as you continue walking, these are the most appreciated habitants of the tower since, according to its legend, if these leave the castle, the tower and the kingdom will collapse. Take a close look and you'll see that they're missing a piece of their wing; someone clips these so that they don't escape.

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