This curious Museum has a grand, diverse collection which will amaze you throughout your visit.

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The Victoria and Albert Museum

Surprise, surprise!

If you approach the area to the west of the city, between Exhibition Street and Cromwell Road, you'll come across a different museum since the Victoria and Albert or National Museum of Art and Design, gathers a collection which is not usual in these kinds of buildings. If you're in front of this edifice, prepare yourself! ... you are about to enter the most valued, largest, diverse art and design museum in the world. Countless objects are spread throughout the museum's 145 galleries which span 3,000 years, covering all fields of the history of art and decoration, and in a way that is really difficult to imagine what you're going to find next, each time you move on to another gallery. From furniture, textiles and ceramics to clocks and miniatures, Da Vinci's Codex Forster or temporary exhibitions such as the objects related to the life and work of the English musician, David Bowie. It's also curious that the building itself is in fact, also considered as one of the works of art on exhibition. Since the museum was founded in 1852, it has occupied the same place in the city, but it was then known as South Kensington Museum before its name change in honour of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert. It is one of the few buildings which has survived the Second World War bombing and with hardly any damage. Don't be surprised by the student atmosphere that you'll find in the galleries or when you go out to the carefully looked after garden, as it contains the National Collection of Applied Arts and the National Art Library, which is why this museum is often visited by university students.

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