Don't be distracted by looking out the windows, the setting of this private collection is a historic town house which will take you back to Victorian London.

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The Wallace Collection

Arts and decorative art.

Located at the north of Hyde Park, the Wallace Collection constitutes an important museum of art and decorative arts. The special characteristic of the museum which sets it apart from others is its private character, since this is the personal and integral collection of Sir Richard Wallace, a noble and philanthropist of the 19th century, who lived in London. After he died, his artistic profits were passed on to his wife and moved to Hertford House, where they have been exhibited to the public since 1900, to the present day. In spite of its private administration, the entrance to the museum is free of charge in which you will have access to more than 5,000 pieces, from paintings to weaponry, making an attractive visit for any enthusiast or scholar of the arts between the 15th and 19th centuries. Most of the collection is made up of works which originate from France, both paintings and decorative art, but you can also examine various English, Italian, Spanish and Flemish works. The fact that the museum is located in a mansion which has been maintained intact since the Victorian period, has lead people to say that this provokes the feeling of actually being in Victorian London. If you want to keep the feeling alive, you should refrain from looking out of the windows.

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