We all recognize it for its regular appearance in films, on postcards and in photographs. But it's impressive to see the bridge for yourself, very impressive!

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Tower Bridge

A tireless worker, opening around a 1000 times a year!

There's the bridge at the foot of the famous Tower of London (from which it gets its name), that you have seen in so many photographs, postcards and films. Although we're familiar with this structure, crossing it on foot is a must-do experience, both by its exterior access and its high-level walkway where a converted exhibition room displays the old steam engine that used to raise the bridge, before its change over to electric motors in 1974. Furthermore, this walkway has a unique view of the river and both sides of the city since the bridge connects the city or financial city to the Southwark area in the same as its oldest companion, London Bridge, with which it is commonly confused. The construction of this crossing was actually a consequence from an overload of traffic that the bridge used to withstand as a result of the economic growth and industry at the end of the 19th century, as well as the need to connect both parts of the city without stopping the ships from crossing to and fro the port of London. Although the river traffic has been declining over time, the bridge still continues to open around a thousand times a year.

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