A witness of the exceptional. All of the important coronations and burials in the United Kingdom have taken place here.

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Westminster Abbey

The result of an epiphany.

According to the legend, a fisherman had an epiphany of St. Paul on the River Thames, after which he built a sanctuary on a place known as Thorney Island. Although there was no sign of such sanctuary, Edward the Confessor founded the Church of St. Peter in 1065, which is better known as Westminster Abbey. Since it was founded, it has witnessed virtually all of the coronations and burials of the British Royalty as well as other distinguished figures of the United Kingdom, such as Darwin and Newton. In addition, poets' corner contains the tombs of artists such as Dickens and Kipling. As regards its architecture, it's one of the largest gothic monuments in the world. It's surprising that it's maintained as a completely operational church in which Benedictine followers will welcome and invite you to participate in the daily masses and in the minute of silence which occurs every hour, either to pray if you're a follower or simply to meditate if this is not the case. To extend your visit, you might like to visit its gardens on a Tuesday or Saturday. They are the oldest in London and you'll be surprised at how peaceful they are, even being in the centre of this bustling city.

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