You will be amazed at the florists' skill at making their floral centrepieces

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Mercado Municipal de Flores (City Flower Market)

Say it with flowers

The street flower sellers of Guayaquil have their own market, Mercado Municipal 'Zayda Letty Castillo,' which is identifiable by its scent from the Machala and Piedrahita avenues, next to the Hospice Corazón de Jesús. Its distinctive feature is that they sell flowers as if they were a basic need, with a 24 hour service. If you are visiting Guayaquil on an important date, such as Valentine's day, you will be able to observe this phenomenon of flower sales, with people in love leaving their buys until the last moment. The lighting of the stands contrasts with the darkness of the night and gives an altogether more mysterious appearance to this group of flower sellers. What makes it special is not only its mix of scents and colours -with exotic and local flowers- but their ability to create centrepieces and bouquets, baskets and flower arrangements to which they add teddy bears and balloons or coffee beans and grains of wheat which symbolise prosperity.

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