Rural sports, folklore, gastronomy... Immerse yourself fully in Basque culture.

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Euskal Jaiak Festival

Unforgettable festivities.

During the last week of August and the first of September, the Basque festivals, Euskal Jaiak, are organised. Take note! You are sure to have seen pictures of handball competitions, logging with axes (the impressive 'aizkolaris') or the 'trainera' regatta in the bay. If you would like to enjoy some typical Basque sports, visit San Sebastián at this time. You will also discover its folklore, with its traditional costumes and dances. You will meet musicians and dancers in the squares and streets. In every corner, there is an atmosphere of festivity and tradition. Visit the stalls where you can taste typical local produce and dishes. Remember that gastronomy is a strong point in San Sebastián. Take the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy a typically Basque day!

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