Discover this charming little island just half a kilometre from La Concha.

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Santa Clara Island

A whim of nature.

As if you were watching over the city, the island of Santa Clara awaits you right in front of the Playa de la Concha. It serves as a parapet to prevent the whimsical swells reaching port. This small island is not 50 metres high. However, it is a true secret paradise. The residents of the area know it well and make the most of its charms when the good weather arrives. In summer, with low tides, it will be easy to access it. It is a perfect place to spend the day: there's a beach, a bar, picnic areas and a nice walk to the lighthouse. A little trivia? Here you will find the Iberian lizard of San Sebastián, which lives exclusively on this island and on Mount Urgull.

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