Great quality food produced traditionally and without damaging the environment.

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Cali's Organic Markets

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There are few places where you will have the chance to find products as fresh and of such high quality as in the organic markets which take place in the city every Friday and Saturday: the first, at the junction between Avenida Guadalupe and the southeast motorway; the second at the intersection of Avenida 9 and Carrera 50. Small growers and producers from Valle de Cauca come together, who continue to produce excellent raw materials without the use of additives which harm the environment; and of course, this is reflected in the delicious flavour of the food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, nuts and other food like marmalade and coffee, produced with huge amounts of love and care. Everyone is a winner at this type of market: you, the shopper, because you buy exceptional products at an unbeatable price; the producer, because he avoids the middle-man and enjoys a better profit margin. A good choice all round.

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