A fantastic way of finding out about the development of this important industry in Cali.

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Caliwood - Cinematography Museum

Inside cinema

Cali has always been regarded as the cinema capital of Colombia, so it was only a matter of time before it had its own museum dedicated to this cultural sector. So, Caliwood – Cinematography Museum was opened in 2008 to show the workings of the cinema and to shine a light on details little-known by the public at large: the excellent collection in this centre comprises recording equipment, more than a hundred photographic cameras (including the largest and the smallest in the world), phonographs, magic lanterns, ferrotypes, cine projectors and a fabulous display of film posters and advertising, really fascinating. Here you can find out at first-hand not only how the cinema industry has developed in Colombia and the world, but also what happens behind the scenes before a film arrives on the large screen. There are guided tours in both Spanish and English.

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