A small church built in an attractive Gothic style. Its main altar is a highlight.

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La Ermita Church

Will take your breath away

Located right in the old quarter, this is perhaps the most stylized building you will see in Cali. This Catholic church was built on the site of a former XVII chapel, which was totally destroyed in the earthquake of 1787. It wasn’t until the middle of the XX century that it was decided to build a new, beautiful Gothic-style church here. It was consecrated to Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows), although inside it houses a remarkable carving of Señor de la Caña (Lord of the Sugar Cane) which survived the earthquake intact, and to whom the locals attribute miracles. The Ermita is a church with three naves, and its interior decoration is particularly noteworthy: the main altar is made of Carrara marble, and is accompanied by beautiful stained-glass windows, an elegant rose window above the central nave and statues that are several centuries old, such as that of Saint Roch, Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Joseph.

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