A photographic and musical tour through the history of salsa, the cultural symbol of Cali.

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Salsa Museum + Jairo Vela Museum

A different perspective

To say that salsa is the backbone of popular culture in Cali is not to give away any secrets, but it would be interesting to enjoy this music without moving your hips, and to plunge into its history from the inside. The city has two museums where you can learn about the essence of this music and experience it in a different way: firstly, the Salsa Museum which is home to hundreds of photographs of artists who have strutted their stuff in Cali, instruments and thousands of records, all related to this music, many of them considered to be genuine relics. The atmosphere here is truly magical; secondly, the Jairo Varela Museum which provides an overview of the life of this unique artist, founder of the Niche Group and one of the most loved characters in the city. It has pictures and personal belongings of the musician which go back over his long career. This is a unique way of entering into this fantastic world.

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