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Memorial Garden

A tribute to the dead

Like any monument built in homage to the dead, the Memorial Garden has a certain melancholy air about it, despite being one of the most beautiful green spaces in Dublin. It was opened in 1966 in memory of those Irishmen and women who died in the 1916 Easter Uprising, a rebellion organised by pro-independence groups which could no longer stand being under the rule of the English crown. Although the rebellion lasted only six days and was crushed, it is considered an historic moment at which Ireland’s desire for independence was laid on the table. It’s an ideal park to take a rest, after a hard day’s sightseeing, on the wooden benches which cluster protectively around a tiny pond. In the centre is the bronze statue created by the Irish artist Oisín Kelly especially for this memorial, The Sons of Lir, which represents a group of children transforming into swans – a symbol of the rebirth of a nation.

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