A museum to visit and discover the history of Ireland, the people who lived here and their disconcerting traditions

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National Archeology Museum

A journey through Irish history and its legends

Did you know that the ancient Celts used to sacrifice humans and offer them to the gods by drowning them in the marshes in the Iron Age, which we know from the remains of bones discovered there? Or that the oldest weapon that remains in Ireland is a stone machete from 7,000 B.C.? The National Archaeology Museum holds the keys to these secrets and much more inside its seven galleries, which take you through the trajectory of Ireland laid bare: from the Prehistoric era to the fall of the Roman Empire, by way of relics found in the country and other discoveries from international expeditions to Egypt, England, Cyprus and Austria. The Museum opened its doors in 1980 and the Victorian architecture hints at some imitation of the Roman Pantheon in its façade. When you get inside you’re submerged in an unsettling voyage which takes you through ancestral rituals, centuries of Viking battles and death, and the Celts’ traditional ways of life and survival.

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