Take a tour through 18th-century Dublin as you check out all the corners of this house

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Do you want to meet Lady Olivia Betty?

You probably have some idea already of what the late 18th-century houses typical of the Dublin middle classes look like, as they have been widely depicted in books and films. However, if you want to experience first hand how the upper class lived in 1794, you have to visit Number Twenty-Nine (just ask anyone around Merrion Square park), a Georgian mansion in which all the relics of the era are preserved almost intact. The tour starts in the basement-kitchen, the domain of the housekeeper, who did everything possible to make the owners of the house comfortable and get the food to the large dining hall on time for formal dinners with guests, or to the informal dining room where the family would eat together. The tour is given by Lady Olivia Betty, a virtual reincarnation of a middle-class lady of the period and owner of the mansion, who leads us to her chambers, complete with 19th-century bed, and to the children’s playroom, where the original toys still remain.

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