The modernist market of Engelchen

Germany is renowned for its market traditions. However, this market offers a different experience that you are sure to enjoy.

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The modernist market of Engelchen

Charming and colourful.

The most popular markets in Düsseldorf are the ones at Christmas, particularly the one that is set up in the Town Hall square when festivities begin. Those around carnival in November are also very popular. However, there are other types of charming market on offer here. To be precise, the Engelchen market is very different from others. Located on Heinrich Heine Square, just a stone’s throw from the commercial Königsallee Avenue, this modernist market offers a completely different experience to the others. Locals gather here every week to buy and sell all types of wares; from car accessories (don’t forget that Germany has a great love for automobiles) to clothes, records and vintage phones and valve radios. The market is worth a visit, even if it is purely to take in the atmosphere.

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