One of Spain's most distinctive sausages, it's a pork-paprika party

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Sobrassada Sausage

An icon of Minorcan meat

As with most aspects of Balearic cuisine, this very savoury and distinctive sausage - one of the islands' most typical foods - is the result of a mix of civilisations and traditions over time, and has roots in Sicily. The very distinctive and unique flavour of sobrassada (which in Spanish as opposed to Catalan is spelled sobrasada) comes from its mix of pork and bacon spiced with paprika. The best is indicated as produced from Minorca's black pigs. Especially popular as an apéritif in the bars of downtown Ciutadella, it's served in various forms, in sandwiches and by itself with different preparations - a newer one that's been popular of late is fried sobrassada with Minorcan honey.

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