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SpainReturn price from
  • Purchase period
    12/01/2021 - 26/01/2021
  • Flight period
    Until 14 December 2021
  • Flexibility for any COVID-19 disruption
    Safe and Flexible Flight

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Purchase period:12/01/2021–26/01/2021

Complete flexibility: Safe and flexibile flight: if you book now, you can change the date of your flights free of charge or get a refund in the form of a voucher to swap for tickets and services on the Iberia website if you are affected by any of the following circumstances less than 15 days before the departure of your flight:

  • New entry restrictions are established at your destination.

  • You are affected by the sudden introduction of compulsory lockdown or quarantine measures at your destination that cannot be avoided by testing negative for COVID just before travelling.

  • You are suddenly subject to lockdown or quarantine measures at your place of departure (lockdown imposed for your region, province, town or hospital zone; a household member tests positive for COVID-19, etc.).

  • You yourself test positive for COVID-19.

Flight period: 14/01/2021–14/12/2021.

Taxes, carrier charges and administration fees are included. Start the booking process to check prices from other places of departure. Offer subject to availability.