Monumental and classical in the midst of the Modernista zone, a clear example of Melilla eclecticism.

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Bank of Spain Building

That staircase!

One of the buildings in the Plaza de España housed for nearly a century the headquarters of the Bank of Spain in Melilla, and though today it does not, the name has stuck. It was in 1911 that the Melilla Chamber of Commerce requested that a branch be established in the city, and it was duly opened in February 1913. This current structure, however, dates from 1944, and it's worth a look because of its façade, an imposing five stories with a grand access stairway and a broad, glassed-in courtyard inside. It particularly stands out in an area where Modernista architecture predominates because of its classical style and monumental proportions. Truly an example, therefore, of Melilla's unique eclecticism.

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