The Berber presence in Melilla is heavy and ubiquitous, at tearooms, restaurants, and elsewhere, offering an exotic menu of flavours.

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Berber cuisine

The Berbers of Melilla.

The Berber tribes of Morocco's northern regions have definitely made their mark on the cuisine here in Melilla. This type of cookery is characterised by combinations of sweet and sour, heavy use of spices, and a touch of heat. Typical dishes include harira, a hearty, strongly-spiced meat-and-vegetable soup; the typical Moroccan stew tajine; and meat kebabs. And of course we can't forget couscous, that traditional North African dish of semolina cooked and accompanied by meat and vegetables. A good place to try traditional Berber cuisine is El Caracol Moderno on Calle Salvador Rueda. While in town you should also sample the local green tea, whether at this same restaurant or other establishments such as Cafetería Los Arcos, next to the Church of the Sacred Heart.

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