A rectangular structure with large windows, profuse ornamentation, grandiose airs - this is Nieto's magnum opus.

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Casa de la Reconquista

Undulating Art Nouveau.

This is perhaps Melilla's foremost example of the Modernista Art Nouveau-style architecture that originated in Catalonia. It's a grand rectangular home of four stories, profusely decorated with rounded forms, enormous picture windows, and balconies in each room. Located on Plaza Menéndez Pelayo, it was built in 1915 and designed by Enrique Nieto - in fact, it was one of the Catalan architect's first commissions in the city, where he had arrived in 1909. The house is of the type of Modernismo that evokes the sinuous, undulating forms of nature, and that's why you will note a multitude of floral and animal motifs along the façade, as well as busts of women. From this house you can observe, furthermore, other buildings designed by the same architect, including the Casa La Pilarica, a mix of Modernismo and Art Deco, and the eminently Modernista El Acueducto.

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