Much of Melilla's Modernista, and most prominent, architecture, is thanks to this Catalan architect resident.

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Enrique Nieto statue

Homage to a disciple of Gaudí.

Strolling up broad Avenida Juan Carlos I, lined with some of Melilla's most important buildings, you'll come upon the statue the city dedicated to the architect Enrique Nieto y Nieto, creator of much of this Spanish enclave's Modernista (Art Nouveau) architecture of the early 20th century. Catalan in origin and a disciple of the great Antoni Gaudí, Nieto came to Melilla as a young man and was responsible for a number of public and religious buildings. The statue in question is not grandiose, but rather life-size, right on the sidewalk, in which the architect is depicted with rolled-up plans under his arm. Installed in 2008, the work was carried out by the Melilla sculptor Mustaffa Arruf as part of a larger project meant to popularise the work of this architect among the city's population as well as introduce him to visitors.

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