Ethnographic Museum of the Amazigh and Sephardic Cultures

A perfect example of an intercultural museum, mixing Berbers and Sephardic Jews.

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Ethnographic Museum of the Amazigh and Sephardic Cultures

A historic - and bombproof - museum complex.

Within a museum complex called Almacenes de las Peñuelas, this centre unscores the importance of Melilla as a cultural crossroads. That's the reason that inside you'll find all kinds of objects relating to the arts and customs of the Berbers (also referred to as Amazigh), who have occupied North Africa from time immemorial, as well as the Sephardic Jews who began to arrive in this city around the middle of the 19th century bringing trade opportunities. The museum is open all day Tuesday through Saturday as well as Sunday morning. Besides visiting the interior exhibits, the Almacenes complex is worth checking out from the outside, as well, because back in the day, it was one of the city's most important buildings, as storehouses for supplies shipped in from the mother country as well as a bomb shelter in case of attack from the sea (thanks to its six doughty brick vaults).

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