Peace, fountains, flora…this is the favourite park of Melilla locals, where they come to disconnect and recharge on weekends.

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Hernández Park

The city's green lungs.

If you find yourself in the Plaza de España, you'll see the grandiose entrance to Hernández Park, the perfect local escape from the commotion of the big city - or just have a rest or a read on one of its benches. This park is without a doubt the city's lungs and green oasis, to which locals flock especially on weekends to enjoy its fresh, verdant spaces and fountains. There's architecture in here, too, and being Melilla, naturally it's Modernista, with colourful tiles and undulating forms. A number of statues are also worth mentioning, such as the one to 20th-century nature TV personality Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente and a bust of the great 17th-century playwright Lope de Vega. The park was inaugurated in May 1902 at the initiative of its namesake, General Venancio Hernández, who is commemorated with a simple lamppost.

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