Nador offers strolling among parks, plazas - and above all, prices cheaper than in Melilla!

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Inexpensive goods in Nador

Shopping for the thriftiest.

If you're willing to venture a little way out of town, the nearest Moroccan city to Melilla is Nador, 15 kilometres (9 miles) beyond the Beni Enzar border. It's not particularly historic nor full of interesting sites, although there are some pleasant parks and plazas to enjoy. It's main allure, however, lies in the availability of merchandise at prices considerably lower than you'll find in Melilla, including handicrafts, which you'll find concentrated along Avenue Kasaria. You can also visit the Morakeb souk, where you'll find articles of clothing such as the very typical djellabas, as well as pottery, spices, and of course, plenty of knockoffs of luxury goods. Organised day excursions will get you out to Nador, but you can also catch a taxi on your own - one to Beni Enzar, then another out to Nador; it's possible to split the fare with others going to the same destination.

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