Melilla's first hospital is now the Central Archive. Find out why it makes for an interesting visit!

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King's Hospital

A neoclassical landmark.

Located in Plaza de la Parada in the original walled quarter, Melilla la Vieja, this neoclassic building was built as the city's first hospital in the 18th century and remains one of its oldest structures. It now houses the Central Archive and Publications Service, with innumerable books and other media about the city, the Spanish protectorate in Morocco, and Berber culture. It also functions as an art and cultural centre in which various exhibitions are held throughout the year (photography, maps, engravings, and so on, from the 19th century to the present). It's open from Monday through Saturday and guided tours are available. In addition to exploring the building itself, it's also worth taking a stroll around outside to check out the lighthouse and cliffs alongside which it stands.

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