Also designed by Enrique Nieto but along more sober, geometric lines, today it's Melilla's number-one theatre.

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Kursaal Theatre

The city's top theatrical venue.

The city's most important theatre in the wake of the 1982 closing of the other great Melilla theatrical venue, El Monumental. The building is the work of Enrique Nieto, although it was not built from the ground up but rather a remodeling of an existing 1912 structure that hosted not only theatrical performances but also parties, dance competitions, gymnastics meets, and film screenings. In 1930 it was decided to revamp and modernise the Kursaal, with Nieto designing a new geometric façade, very restrained lines, and a long, narrow balcony as its centrepiece. In recent years it was closed for restoration but reopened in 2011, and can accommodate up to a thousand people.

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