Monument to the Heroes of the Morocco Campaigns

An impressive 14-metre (46-foot) obelisk adorned with bas-reliefs, a winged victory figure, and a round fountain - quite the architectural spectacle.

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Monument to the Heroes of the Morocco Campaigns

An Art Deco landmark.

This spectacular Art Deco monument was designed by artist Juan López Merino in the 1930s to commemorate the many servicemen fallen in various wars and confrontations with neighbouring Morocco. It's an obelisk 14 metres (46 feet) high, with bas reliefs of a mother crying for her dead sons lost in combat, while the figure of an anonymous soldier gazes off into the horizon. Up at the monolith's highest point, meanwhile, is a winged Victory. Some decades later, a large round fountain was added, designed by the architect Carlos Buhigas. The monument is illuminated beginning at dusk to create a lovely interplay of coloured lights contrasting with the immense palms that populate the entire plaza.

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