Melilla's most important synagogue is definitely worth a visit, with its grand wooden pulpit, lamps, and windows.

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Or Zarug Synagogue

The pride of Melilla's Jewish community.

Melilla's Jews - most of whose ancestors arrived here after they were expelled from mainland Spain beginning in 1492 by order of Ferdinand and Isabella - have been thoroughly integrated into local society for centuries, and there are six synagogues in the city, the most important of which is Or Zaruah, designed by Enrique Nieto and inaugurated in 1924. The building is half hidden, so it's a little tricky to find unless you're specifically looking for it. The lovely façade on Calle López Moreno is rendered in yellowish hues and its interior has a richly carved wooden pupit, grand lamps and windows, and a zone specially designated for women. The synagogue was financed by the patron Yamín Benarroch, whose name translates as "sacred light." For some years now, the synagogue has been part of the Houses of Worship Route tour, a city initiative to expand local cultural offerings.

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