A chance to explore some spectacular scenery around Melilla - and get the adrenaline pumping, too!

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Out into the Rif on a 4x4

Some serious desert adventure.

Various travel agencies and tour operators offer excursions outside Melilla, especially to the area known as the Rif, which blends wild, dry landscapes with lovely castaway beaches. Many of these tours, always on ATV's, include Mount Gurugú; the immense dunes on Bocana Beach; and visits to the famous, long-abandoned iron mines of the Rif, and to the John Hope, an immense cargo ship which ran aground in the area decades ago and is still caught erect between the coastal rocks as if it had just happened yesterday - an unexpected visitor in a place where everything else is rocks, sea, and sparse vegetation. You can check various touring and ATV rental options at www.venpormelilla.es.

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