Crossing the Morocco border, you'll find yourself in a neighbourhood that's a hodgepodge of street stands with very good prices.

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Shopping across the border.

A very different kind of experience.

As soon as you pass the border that separates Spanish Melilla from Morocco - you can get here by taxi, and the pass is a mere formality, as long as you have your passport with you - you'll find yourself in a neighbourhood called Chinatown, full of little street stands filled with produce, fish, and meat, all available at prices lower than those in Melilla. Chances are you won't need to buy much of what's on offer, but even so, for a sociological - and photographic - experience, it's a pretty cool experience. And if you can speak Spanish, the merchants are happy to exchange a few words with you about their merchandise. A very different and local experience just a few minutes from town.

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