Melilla is another of those Spanish cities that's a treat for tapas, both traditional and nouvelle.

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Just as all along the Costa del Sol across the strait, Melilla is an excellent place to chow down on excellent and inexpensive tapas - generally offered as an accompaniment to a drink at no additional cost. One of the most common is the traditional pincho moruno (meat kabob), but these days many places have updated their offerings to include fancier newfangled canapés, as well. Around downtown you'll come across many places to enjoy some great tapas; one especially interesting one, Casa Fede on Calle Carlos V, has specialised to such a point that one of its salons is reserved just for tapas while the other is for the full restaurant. Other excellent choices include La Cantina (Calle Buceta), El Rincón (Calle López Moreno), and El Mesón Fornos (General Polaviaja).

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